Better sleep with SleepHub® – a simple and easy way to improve your natural sleep quality.

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  • Backed by 10+ years of research

The SleepHub sleep device has been scientifically designed to bring you a better night’s sleep, by playing pure tones that are referred to as ‘sleep sounds’. These sleep sounds imitate the waves your brain would generally create for sleep sequences, helping you to fall asleep quicker, while enhancing the quality.

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When it comes to getting a night of quality sleep, it’s imperative that your brain understands the specific sequence in which it needs to perform. Without this ability, your sleep will be unsubstantial and lacking. Poor sleeping habits, general lifestyle factors, work schedules and so much more can play a major role in unhealthy sleeping patterns. That’s where comprehensive sleep devices come into the picture.

Deep Sleep Device

Get a better sleep with SleepHub® – a simple and easy way to improve your natural sleep patterns through imitation brain waves in science backed sleep sounds.

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  • Free delivery Australia wide
  • Option to pay monthly with Afterpay
  • Backed by 10+ years of research and development

A Leading Sleep Device for Quality Rest

The high-quality SleepHub® audio speakers play scientifically developed sound waves placed beside you while you sleep. The sleep sounds mimic brain activity that occurs during a healthy night’s sleep, ensuring you’re resting peacefully for longer. These are also a great solution for those looking for sleeping devices for insomnia relief.

Retrain Your Brain

Not just another white noise machine, the SleepHub® sleep device uses exclusive and cutting edge neuroscience and sound technology to emulate brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles.

Better Sleep, Better Health

SleepHub® is a natural sleep remedy that has been proven to improve sleep quality, making it one of the leading sleeping devices for insomnia and sleep anxiety. Fix sleep issues with SleepHub, don’t just mask them with a wave machine.

Feel Refreshed

Restoring your natural sleep cycles through dedicated sleep devices will leave you feeling revitalised with renewed energy, leading to better physical and mental performance. Feel more relaxed at bedtime, this is the ultimate bedroom gadget.

Proven and Trusted

Developed by a team of research scientists and sound and medical experts over more than 10 years. We’re trusted by thousands across the world, and we’ve featured in publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Who Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Tailored to Your Needs

As one of the world’s best sleep devices, we’ve implemented 4 modes for our users: Deep Sleep, Easy Sleep, Fall Asleep and Power Nap are designed to help you get the rest you need, when you need it. Also works as a Bluetooth speaker when not in sleep mode.

Purchase Your Speakers for Sleeping with SleepHub!

SleepHub are all about devices to help sleep be better and quicker. Offering one of the leading sleep devices in the country, and across the globe, we understand how important it is to find a device that’s reliable and reputable. For more information or general queries, get in touch with us on 07 3667 7800 or email our team at

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3 reviews for SleepHub®

  1. Astrid Oadish

    Absolutely amazing. Have used it now for 1 month. getting full 8 hours sleep again!

  2. Zhongying Huang

    I have no problem getting into sleep, but my problem is the quality of sleep, constant waking up during the night. SleepHub is easy to set up and this device really works for me. I find myself waking up later in the morning and also feeling more refreshed.

  3. Samantha Plumridge

    SleepHub has been amazing in assisting me in getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed. Thankyou SleepHub. You have made a positive difference in my lifestyle

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