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Sound therapy is not a new concept but recent research has established how sound can be used to improve sleep. Amber Bramble, Lifestyle Writer for Who Magazine, trialed SleepHub. You can read about it in the May 23, 2022 edition of Who.

“I’ve always struggled with sleep so the chance to try out the SleepHub was right up my alley. SleepHub is a scientifically developed sleep aid that uses exclusive psychoacoustic sounds, designed to emulate the waves created by your brain as you cycle through slumber. The idea is these sounds help train your brain into relearning how to be good at sleep. There’s a choice of soothing soundscapes like rain, wind, the ocean, and white, pink and brown noise. The SleepHub is definitely a splurge buy and works best in quiet environments. But after my trial, I not only nodded off easily but woke up feeling energised and refreshed.”  Amber Bramble, Who Magazine.

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Updated 29/12/2022

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