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Why SleepHub® works differently to a white noise machine and how it does more for your sleep quality.

It can be easy to mistake SleepHub® for a white noise machine. After all, there are so many devices and apps available today that offer everything from white noise to background music and sleep stories. If you search ‘white noise’ on YouTube, you’re given a choice of 75,700,000 videos! White noise can be an effective way of masking distracting sounds within your sleep environment.

SleepHub® is so much more than a white noise machine. It doesn’t just mask distracting sounds; its unique technology helps you to fall asleep, and trains you to sleep well – improving the quality of your sleep so that you wake refreshed and ready to take on the day. There are certain sound frequencies that affect our brain activity. For over a decade, researchers, sound technologists and scientists have worked together to develop this incredible invention that trains your brain to follow healthy sleep patterns using the science of sound. And it all happens while you sleep.


What’s the difference between SleepHub® and a white noise machine?

A white noise machine is used to mask noises in your environment that could be stopping you from falling asleep. Things like traffic noise, your air-conditioning, noisy neighbours or maybe even the cat. This can be effective in drowning out other sounds, which can help your brain to relax and feel ready for sleep.

SleepHub® uses exclusive sound technology to help improve the quality of your sleep. Sound waves can influence our brain activity, even when we’re asleep. During healthy sleep, we move through different sleep stages and sleep cycles in a fairly predictable pattern. SleepHub® guides the brain through these sleep stages and cycles by using scientifically engineered soundwaves at the right frequencies and in a programmed order. We call these sleep sounds. With repeated and consistent use, SleepHub® can help retrain the brain to have quality sleep.

White noise fans need not be disappointed!

Apart from the sleep sounds that make SleepHub® unique and are the sounds that guide your brain through healthy sleep cycles, SleepHub® also offers a range of soundscapes. These sounds are played in conjunction with the SleepHub® sleep sounds and help you to relax and take your focus away from the sleep sounds. You have a choice of soundscapes for sleep optimisation ranging from ocean waves and wind to white, pink and brown noise. Contact us today to learn more about our sleeping devices.

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