Bad habits can be easy to create but a little harder to correct. This is true for sleep just as it is for any other habit that’s not so good for your health. SleepHub® may be just what you need to retrain your brain for healthy sleep.

Although sleep is beginning to be recognized as an important part of maintaining good health, it’s still something that people think should happen naturally. And yet, many of us have fallen into habits that aren’t supporting quality sleep.

In today’s world, it’s very easy to create bad sleep patterns. The lighting in our homes, the devices that we use, and our busy lives are all helping to create an environment that’s not conducive to good sleep.

Even when our bodies are telling us it’s time to sleep, we push ourselves to stay awake because we’ve got one last report to finish for work, one last episode of our favourite Netflix show to watch, one more social event to attend, one last email to send, one last social media post to create … and on and on it goes. By keeping ourselves awake, and not keeping to a regular sleep schedule, we are setting ourselves up for sleep failure and creating bad sleep habits.

During healthy sleep, we should be cycling through 5-6 sleep cycles that each last for around 90 minutes and take us through the various sleep stages. We can easily fall out of sync of these natural but all-important sleep cycles.

SleepHub® offers a natural way to train your brain to get back to the sleep stages that you should cycle through in order to get healthy sleep. The SleepHub® Sleep Sounds are scientifically developed psychoacoustic sounds that emulate the waves created by the brain during sleep cycles. Your brain is guided through the sequence of healthy sleep cycles so that you get the quality sleep you need.

Regular and repeated use of SleepHub® helps to retrain your brain to go through the right sleep sequence and restore sleeping patterns naturally. The SleepHub® Sleep Sound serves as a training aid to help you form new healthy sleep habits, addressing sleep issues for good. Contact us to learn more about sleep optimisation and our sleep devices for insomnia.

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